M.S. Environmental Sciences

For this 36-unit program, which involves either a thesis or nonthesis option, complete:  

water resources: BIO 571, 572; CHM 440/ENV 430; FOR 563; and GLG 451, 575, and 670  

atmosphere and climate: ENV 580, 595, and 596  

land resources: BIO 571, 573; ENV 530, 540, and 544; FOR 625; and GLG 430  

If choosing the thesis option, work closely with your major professor and others to conduct an original research project, which generally requires maintaining close proximity to the NAU-Flagstaff campus. This option also involves the writing and oral defense of your approved thesis. (Please be aware that you can only count 6 units of thesis credit toward your degree. However, you may end up taking more units because you must register for ENV 699 each semester while you are working on your thesis.)  


If you are a working professional, you may prefer the nonthesis option, which you can generally complete away from the NAU-Flagstaff campus. For this option, you take 6 units of fieldwork or internship or coursework or a combination of these three, and you present a professional or concept paper at a professional meeting.  


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