Liberal Studies Requirements

Also as part of NAUís general requirements, you take a total of 35 units in foundation, distribution, and elective courses, as described below. (Note: If you are in NAUís Honors Program, the courses in that program substitute for the liberal studies requirements described here; see the Honors section in this catalog for specific information.)

English Composition (4 units)

Mathematics (3 units)

You must take courses in each of the following five distribution blocks:

Lab Science (4 units)

Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry (3-6 units)

Cultural Understanding (3-6 units)

Science and Applied Science (3-6 units)

Social and Political Worlds (3-6 units)


Within these 25 units, you must take at least two courses (6 units) each in at least three of the following four blocks: Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry, Cultural Understanding, Science and Applied Science, and Social and Political Worlds.

You take one additional elective course from any of the liberal studies requirements.