Video Conferencing and Cable TV Delivery Education

Video Conferencing (VC) allows students to interact with students from and attend class with students from other locations around the state. Students meet in a classroom equipped with cameras, microphones, and TV monitors. Using two-way audio/video communications VC links the originating classroom, where the professor and some students are present, with students in NAU VC classrooms (link to VC locations) at campuses around the state. VC classrooms hosting a class without the professor present are referred to as receiving sections.


Whether you are in an originating, receiving section of the class, all students in a VC class are taught simultaneously and in real-time. They can ask questions and interact with the professor or with other classmates, as if everyone were together in one classroom.


Most students find little difference between a VC version of a class or one taught traditionally, where all students sit in the same classroom. An advantage of VC classes is that students are spread among many classrooms.  This facilitates discussions reflecting perspectives from many locations in Arizona.

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