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Satellite-delivered classes are a type of video conferencing class. During an NAU instructional television class, the professor and class members are taped for later broadcast via satellite.


NAU operates the Universityhouse Channel 9411 on EchoStarís direct broadcast satellite service (DBS) available throughout the United States and its territories. You can watch the taped class in the comfort of your living room, office, or work site if you subscribe to the EchoStar service through the DiSH Network. When you enroll in the class you are shown the class times and dates the class is scheduled to be broadcast over the DiSH Network.


While watching the satellite-delivered class or afterwards you can send questions to the instructor and conduct discussions with other students using the web or email. Assignments are also handled through the web. Some tests may require you to go to a testing center. If you want to take satellite-delivered classes but do not have access to a computer, NAU has several computer labs you can access.   


To receive academic credit for any Universityhouse class, youíll need to apply to NAU and enroll in the class.

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