Early Childhood Certification

By July 1, 2009, early childhood certification (birth through age eight) will be required for individuals teaching in Arizona public school early childhood education programs with children from birth through kindergarten.


There are two ways to become eligible for certification to teach Pre-K through Grade 3 with the Arizona Department of Education.  One way is to complete the B.S. Ed. in the Early Childhood degree program. The second way is to complete the Early Childhood Certificate program which leads to an Early Childhood Education Endorsement through the Arizona Department of Education.   Provisional certification is valid for two years and is not renewable. Standard certification is valid for six years and is renewable after expiration.


1. Early Childhood Certification through B.S. Ed. Early Childhood Arizona Dept. of Education Requirements:

2. Early Childhood Certification through Early Childhood Certificate program Arizona- Dept. of Education Requirements for an Early Childhood Education Endorsement:


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