Early Childhood Education Certificate (for the B.S. Ed in Elementary Education)

If you are majoring in elementary education, you can count this content emphasis toward your degree requirements.  Click here for more information on the B.S. Ed. in Elementary Education.


To complete this emphasis, take the following 21 units:


Infancy and Preschool (6 units) choose 2 from below


Special Education (3 units) choose 1 from below


Student Teaching


You must also student teach in a preschool and K-3 settings.  Your student teaching for the Early Childhood Education Certificate meets the student teaching requirements for the B.S. Ed. Elementary degree.


Be aware that some courses required for your certificate may have pre-requisites that you must also take.  Check the courses in the appropriate subject.


The Early Childhood Education Certificate course work can be taken by in-service teachers with degrees in elementary education who wish to become certified in Early Childhood Pre K-3rd grade through endorsement by the Arizona Department of Education.


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