M.Ed. Secondary Education: Continuing Professional Education

This program allows the student to pursue additional coursework in an academic area while strengthening your understanding of educational concepts.


This plan is not intended to provide grades 7-12 teacher certification nor does it provide an institutional recommendation for teacher certification.


For this 36-unit program, take:

(Please note that you can count up to 6 units combined of ECI 593 and 599 toward this requirement.)


(Please note that if you choose the thesis option you may end up taking more than the 6 units of thesis credit you can count toward your degree because you must register for ECI 699 each semester while you are working on your thesis.  Also note that preparing a thesis generally requires one semester of residency, in fall, spring, or summer.)


Please note that at least fifty percent of your courses must be at the 600 level or above.  In addition, you must be admitted to this degree program before taking your last 12 units of graduate work.


Candidates in the M.Ed. in Secondary Education Continuing Professional program are required to demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and skills, and professional knowledge to be eligible to graduate from this program.  In addition to course grades, content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge or skills are demonstrated through candidate performance on key assessments embedded in the ECI 675 class.


We offer courses for this degree during fall, spring, and summer in Flagstaff and at statewide locations.


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