Teacher Preparation Secondary Education

To teach in grades 7 through 12, you must have a teaching major and a teaching minor or an extended teaching major in another department. Refer to the academic area in which you plan to major (for example, chemistry or English) for information about specific requirements for your major and/or minor, such as special methods courses or other requirements. In addition, you must be admitting to the College of Educationís teacher-education plan.


In addition, you must take the following 31 units in one of two plan optionsóa traditional two-term plan that offers flexible scheduling or the one-term integrated secondary teacher education plan (I-STEP):

You may also take POS 220 (or POS 110 and 241) to satisfy Arizona certification requirements for the federal and Arizona constitution. You may meet this requirement by demonstrating proficiency on a special exam.


Candidates in secondary education programs are required to demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and skills, and professional knowledge to be eligible to enter student teaching or internship placements.  Content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge or skills are demonstrated through candidate performance on key assessments embedded in the BME 437, ECI 32, 450, 465, and EPS 325 classes as well as in content specific classes identified by each secondary content area program.


You must have an academic advisor in both your major and minor departments. In addition, the College of Educationís advisement office offers advisement for your teacher-preparation plan after you apply to the plan.


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