Speech Communication

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

School of Communication


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See School of Communication page for information about Admission Requirements, Communication Core, Graduation Requirements, Advising and Student Responsibilities, and Suggested 1st Year Schedule.

Undergraduate Information

You may pursue the following academic plans through the School of Communication’s speech communication program:  

If you wish to teach in speech communication, you may take our regular major or minor plans and then complete state certification requirements in the post-degree program offered by the College of Education.  


The primary objective of our speech communication program is to enable you to become an effective participant in a world in which oral, written, and nonverbal communication play major roles. We also offer activities in competitive speaking, oral interpretation of literature, and debating that are open to the entire university community.  


Our majors in speech communication prepare you to enter professions requiring proficiency in public, group, and interpersonal communication; enter graduate school or professional schools such as law or theology; prepare for a career as a speech teacher–communication educator; use both theory and practice to communicate well not only in your chosen field but also in your personal life; articulate and defend your opinions as an informed citizen in a representative democracy.  


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