Biological Sciences

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Department of Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences Building, room 227

NAU, PO Box 5640, Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5640

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Department Chair

Maribeth Watwood

Undergraduate Information

Our objectives for the academic plans in the Department of Biological Sciences are to prepare you for a profession in biology or microbiology; provide you with the background necessary for admission to medical, dental, veterinary, or other professional schools; provide a program of instruction for biology teachers in secondary schools; provide subject matter courses appropriate for elementary teachers; provide knowledge of biological phenomena for cultural enlightenment and service; and provide insights about the biological sciences that will be of value throughout your life.  


In these sections, we describe each academic plan individually, followed by an explanation of our departmental honors program.  


You may pursue the following academic plans in NAUís Department of Biology:  

In addition, NAU offers a B.S. in environmental sciences: biology (extended major) and a B.S. in environmental sciences: microbiology (extended major).  Click on the hyperlinks for more information.  


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Graduate Information

You may pursue the following degrees in the Department of Biological Sciences:  

(extended coursework plan)

(research plan)

(extended coursework plan)

(research plan)

(extended coursework plan)

(research plan)


These programs are enhanced by NAU-Flagstaff's location in northern Arizona, where youíll discover an environment conducive to both academic and personal development. The San Francisco Peaks (to 3,852m) tower above Flagstaff and NAU. The Colorado River traverses the Grand Canyon only 75 miles from Flagstaff. Vast networks of canyons and mesas, mountains and meadows, and lakes and ponds harbor a rich diversity of environments and organisms. Habitats ranging from alpine tundra to Sonoran Desert are readily available for field studies. In addition, lab-based projects use contemporary training in microbial, molecular, and cellular biology techniques, which complement studies directed at the organism and ecosystem levels.  


Our faculty in biology comprises specialists in the field and lab disciplines of botany, zoology, and microbiology. These faculty members combine high-quality teaching programs with strong and productive research and participate with faculty from other departments in interdisciplinary programs. Our cordial and frequent faculty-student interactions foster an atmosphere of free exchange among scholars at all levels.  


You can request additional information about faculty research interests, degree programs, facilities, special programs, and support from our departmental office. We also encourage you to contact our faculty members directly for information about their research interests.


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