Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

The MBA core courses build on and complement each other.  It is therefore required that students take the core courses in the proper sequence within a ten-month time frame.  Students also begin their elective courses in the Fall semester concurrent with their core classes.  Any exception requires special permission from the Director of the MBA program.


This plan, which is fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, provides you with a broad management perspective as well as the analytical and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in a competitive business environment.


For this 31 unit  plan, you complete:  

Accounting Emphasis

Take the following 12 units:

ACC 502, 550, 556, 570, 580, 590

Note: Students who have completed undergraduate courses with content similar to the graduate courses listed above cannot enroll in the corresponding graduate course.

Finance Emphasis

You take the following 12 units:

FIN 531, 551, 580, and 600 and ACC 455, 502, and 590 (9 units)

General Management Emphasis

You take the following 12 units:

Geographic Information Systems Emphasis

Choose 12 units (four courses) from the following:

Marketing Analysis and Distribution Management Emphasis

Take the following 12 units:

Students will be able to pursue jobs in Marketing Analysis, Demand Forecasting, Distribution & Logistics Analysis, and Assistant Product Management.


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