Interdisciplinary Focus Area Creative Inquiry

Take at least 15 units in a structured, interdisciplinary or disciplinary plan of study outside your emphasis field. You must take 3 units of credit in each of the following blocks: Ethical Reasoning; Creative Inquiry; Scientific Reasoning; Changing Worlds; and Cultural Perspectives.  Courses used to satisfy this requirement may not have been used to satisfy any other requirement for this degree.  Please see below for a listing of approved Creative Inquiry courses.



ANT 355

Archaeology of Rock Art

ARH 351

Art of the United States

ARH 352

Twentieth Century Art to 1945

ARH 353

Art Since 1945

ART 100

Art Appreciation

ART 300

Contemporary Art Tends

CCJ 215

Crime, Justice and the Media

COM 382

The Art of Communication

ENG 121

The Story of English

ENG 308

Introduction to Linguistics

ENG 364

Popular Literature

HUM 101

Introduction to Humanities

HUM 120

The Search for Meaning

HUM 345W

Critical Judgement in the Humanities

HUM 351

Perspectives on Western Humanities I

HUM 352

Perspectives on Western Humanities II

HUM 353

Perspectives on Western Humanities III

HUM 370

The Popular Arts

HUM 375

Women in American Arts and Culture

MUS 260

Introduction to World Music

MUS 320

Western Musical Heritage

MUS 333

Jazz History and Styles

MUS 393

Music America

PHI 240

Ancient Philosophy

PHI 320


PHI 321


PHI 322

Philosophy of the Mind

PHI 351

Philosophy in Literature

PHI 352

Philosophy of Religion

REL 231

Topics in the Study of Religions

REL 322

Contemporary Christian Thought

REL 325

The Historical Jesus

TH 101

Introduction to the Theatre