Interdisciplinary Focus Area Cultural Perspectives

Take at least 15 units in a structured, interdisciplinary or disciplinary plan of study outside your emphasis field. You must take 3 units of credit in each of the following blocks: Ethical Reasoning; Creative Inquiry; Scientific Reasoning; Changing Worlds; and Cultural Perspectives.  Courses used to satisfy this requirement may not have been used to satisfy any other requirement for this degree.  Please see below for a listing of approved Cultural Perspectives courses.



AIS 101

Introduction to Applied Indigenous Studies

AIS 201

American Indian Expression

AIS 202

Roots of American Indian Federal Policy

AIS 210

Current American Indian Government

ANT 102

Exploring Cultures

ANT 103

Culture in Communication

ANT 104

Buried Cities and Lost Tribes

ANT 205

Native Peoples of North America

ANT 209

Folklore of the World: Anthropological Perspectives

ANT 301

Peoples of the 'World

ANT 303

Peoples of Latin America

ANT 306

Peoples of the Southwest

ANT 307

Central America

ANT 350

Ancient Civilization

CCJ 314

Hollywood & the Social Construction of Crime and Justice

CCJ 360

Women, Crime, and Justice

COM 301

Race, Gender, and the Media

ENG 245

US Multi-Ethnic Literature Survey

ENG 345

Topics in Multi-Ethnic Literature

ENG 381

Cross-Cultural Approaches to Folklore

ENG 250

Africana Women

ES 191

Women, Gender Identity and Ethnicity

ES 215

Racial and Ethic Relations

ES 356

Race, Power, and Politics

ES 391

Special Topics in Ethnic Studies

HIS 102

World History II:  The Making of the Modern World

HIS 220

History of Africa to 1800

HIS 221

History of Africa since 1800

HIS 230

History of Islamic Civilizations to 1500

HIS 231

History of Islamic Civilizations since 1500

HIS 240

Western Civilization I

HIS 241

Western Civilization II

HIS 249

Pre-Modern India

HIS 250

Pre-Modern East Asia

HIS 251

The Making of Modern Asia

HIS 280

Colonial Latin America

HIS 281

Latin American from Independence to the Present

HIS 293

American Indian History

HIS 295

Women in American History

HIS 297

Women in Asia

HIS 312

Gandhi's Asia

HIS 314

Contemporary Asia

HIS 325

Modern China

HIS 332

Modern Japan

HIS 366

The Holocaust

HIS 381

U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

HIS 382

Mexico: Yesterday and Today

HIS 396

Chicano History

HUM 130

Introduction to Humanities

HUM 261

Asian Ideas and Values

HUM 281

Latin American Ideas and Values

HUM 291

American Multicultural Ideas and Values

HUM 362

Perspectives on Asian Humanities

HUM 381

Mexican Arts and Culture

HUM 382

World Perspective in Humanities

MUS 360

Topics in World Music

MUS 365

Native American Music

PHI 110

Global Philosophy

POS 120

Political Worlds

POS 366

Studies in Latin American Politics

POS 370

Studies in Asian Politics

POS 374

Studies in African Politics

REL 150

Religions of the World

REL 201

Introduction to Tribal Religions

REL 206

Women's Roles & Experience in Asian Religions

REL 210

Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)

REL 220

New Testament

REL 301

Ancient Gods and Goddesses

REL 311


REL 321


REL 331


REL 341


REL 351


REL 355

The Buddha: Depictions of Guddhism's Found in Cultural Context

REL 359

Mahayana Buddhism: Buddhas and Paths

REL 380

Native American Religions

SC 323

Intercultural Communication

SOC 204

Sociology of Gender

SOC 215

Racial and Ethnic Relation

SOC 315

American Society and the American Indian

WGS 150

Women, Information and Technology

WGS 191

Women, Gender Identity and Ethnicity

WGS 260

Third World Women

WGS 291

Introduction to Women's Studies

WGS 360

Transnational Feminisms