Interdisciplinary Focus Area Changing Worlds

Take at least 15 units in a structured, interdisciplinary or disciplinary plan of study outside your emphasis field. You must take 3 units of credit in each of the following blocks: Ethical Reasoning; Creative Inquiry; Scientific Reasoning; Changing Worlds; and Cultural Perspectives.  Courses used to satisfy this requirement may not have been used to satisfy any other requirement for this degree.  Please see below for a listing of approved Changing Worlds courses.


AIS 202

Roots of American Indian Federal Policy

AIS 304

Indigenous/State Relations - Comparative Global Contexts

ANT 105

Anthropology Today: Global Issues

ANT 253

Aztec and Maya: Archaeology of Ancient Mexico

ANT 301

Peoples of the World

ANT 303

Peoples of Latin America

ANT 306

Peoples of the Southwest

ANT 307

Central America

ANT 350

Ancient Civilization

ANT 351

Southwestern Archaeology

CCJ 101

Introduction to Criminal Justice

CCJ 250


CCJ 325

Drug Issues and the Law

CCJ 340

White Collar and Corporate Crime

CCJ 360

Women, Crime, and Justice

CCJ 380

Law in America

GGR 240

World Geography: West

GGR 241

World Geography: East

GGR 346

United States

GGR 348

Geography Area Studies

GGR 376

Regional Geography of Tourism and Recreation

HIS 240

Western Civilization I

HIS 241

Western Civilization II

HIS 270

Ancient Near Eastern Civilization

HIS 291

U.S. History to 1865

HIS 292

U.S. History since 1865

HIS 308

Science, Technology and Society in the American West

HIS 394

Recent America

HIS 397

Survey of American Arts and Culture

PHI 356

Philosophy of History

PHI 357

Political Philosophy

PL 120

Building the Human Environment

PL 201

Intro to Planning and Land Use Principles

PL 376

Planning for Sustainable Tourism

POS 110

American Politics

POS 159

Nature and Politics

POS 201

Introduction to Politics

POS 210

American Indian Tribal Government

POS 224

Public Administration

POS 230

Current Issues in Politics

POS 231

Topics in Politics and the Humanities

POS 241

State and Local Politics

POS 250

Introduction to Public Policy Making

POS 254

Political Ideologies

POS 320

Native American Politics and Policy

POS 344

Environmental Movements

POS 355

Women, Power, and Politics

POS 356

Race, Power, and Politics

POS 357

Topics in Cultural Diversity

POS 359

Environmental Policy

POS 360

Comparative Politics

POS 361

Politics of Developing Nations

POS 362

Studies in Western European Politics

POS 364

Studies in Russian and Central European Politics

POS 376

Studies in North American Politics

PSY 250

Social Psychology

PSY 375

Social Psychology of Self and Identity

REL 390

Recent Trends in Religion

SC 365

Communication in Contemporary Affairs

SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology

SOC 210

Social Problems

SOC 301

Topics in Contemporary Social Issues

SOC 316

Sociology of Sexuality

SOC 333

Environment and Society

SOC 339

Crime, Law,and Society