Certificate Substance Abuse Education and Prevention

This interdisciplinary plan is designed for both nondegree and degree-seeking graduate students from a variety of disciplines who need to learn about substance abuse for work in social-service and health-care settings. Required coursework blends web-based, distance-learning, and NAU-Flagstaff courses.

For this 16-unit plan, you take:

ANT 607, 608, and 609

CCJ 608

one of EPS 608, 694, or 796

HP 608

one of NUR 608, 663, or 665

PSY 608

SOC 696


Please note that your fieldwork placement requires approval from the home department as well as the certificate program committee before you can enroll and have the course count toward your certificate.


Please be aware that you can only count up to 4 units of transfer credits toward this certificate. Any transfer coursework would count as a specialty area elective and would have to be approved by the certificate program committee.


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