Certificate Women's and Gender Studies

For this certificate plan, you complete 15 units from the following courses:

WGS 600 and 601

ANT 615; CCJ 415 and 654; ENG 545 and 546, HIS 505 and 592; POS 453 and 606; and SOC 512 and 515

CCJ 515; ENG 651; HIS 520, 550, 564, 567, and 580; and POS 672 and 683

ANT 404 and 556; CCJ 425, 460 and 532; EDL 698; ENG 516, 642; HIS 415 and 565; POS 604; PSY 491; SC 424 and 524; SOC 504; and WGS 465, 497, 599, 652, 685, and 697

You may complete these courses in any order, although we recommend that you take WST 600 as early as possible in your plan of study. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of women’s studies, you can take no more than 6 units within a single discipline.  Please note that we may add additional courses to this list, including one-time offerings; refer to the Women's and Gender Studies website for current approved courses.


Please be aware that you can only count one 400-level course toward this certificate, and no courses may be transferred into this plan from another university; only 3 units of NAU course work prior to admission to the certificate program can be applied to these requirements; and only 6 units of certificate course work may be used in another graduate degree program.


Click here for more information about Women's and Gender Studies graduate courses and faculty.