Minor Women's and Gender Studies

To complete this minor, you take the following 21 units of core and area requirements.

Core Requirements

You take the following 9 units:

Area Requirements

You take 12 units, which we encourage you to draw from each of the following three groups:

Please note that substitutions or waivers are the prerogative of the Program Director. Also, be aware that some courses required for your minor may have prerequisites that you must also take. Check the courses in the appropriate subject.


Please  be aware that a grade of D will not count for minor credit.  Although a course in which the grade earned is a D does not have to be retaken, you must complete 21 units in the minor with a grade of C or better in order to fulfill degree requirements.


Finally, be aware that you must see the director of the program before completing 12 units of requirements. We advise you to consult with the program every term.


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