Course Repeat Policy

Undergraduate Policy

In certain instances, undergraduate students may wish to repeat a course to gain additional knowledge or improve a previous performance. If you wish to repeat a course, be aware that several policies related to grade point average calculation and course repeat rules apply, depending on the grade you initially received. We describe these policies in the following paragraphs. Failure to abide by these policies and rules may result in a course grade being treated differently than you expected or not counted at all.


You may repeat up to 18 units of credit for grade replacement. This means that for the first 18 units in repeated courses, we use the better of your two grades to compute your cumulative grade point average. If you earn grades in repeated courses beyond the 18 units maximum, those grades are averaged with the initial grade(s) you earned.


Whether you want to repeat a course for grade replacement or for grade averaging, please be aware that you only earn credit once for a course that is repeated.


In addition to the 18-unit limit for repeated courses, you may repeat an individual course for grade replacement or grade averaging a maximum of two times.


You may only repeat courses in which you earned a grade of D or F, and you may not repeat any courses in which you earned an A or B. You may repeat, for grade averaging only, a course in which you earned a grade of C if the department or college has received prior approval from NAUís Academic Standards Committee to allow certain students to repeat C grades for purposes of meeting minimum grade point average requirements for an academic plan. Check with the department or college for more information. If you are allowed to repeat a course in which you earned a grade of C for grade averaging purposes, you must get approval from both the department or college and the Registrarís Office before you can enroll to repeat the course.


Please note that the same grading option must be used for the repeat course as was used when you initially took the course. In other words, a course initially taken for a letter grade must be repeated for a letter grade, and a course taken pass-fail must be repeated pass-fail. When repeating a topics course or PES 100, the topic or physical education activity must be the same as when you originally took the course.


You may not repeat courses in research, independent studies, internships, honors, and some topics courses. Because of the changing nature of their content, these courses can only be retaken for additional credit and new grades.  However, if you are taking courses in an integrated format (courses with an I after the course number), you may repeat these courses individually).


In addition, you may not repeat a course at another institution to replace a grade earned at NAU. (You may repeat a course at another institution to satisfy a plan requirement if the course is equivalent to an NAU course; however, you wonít be given credit for both.)


Finally, you may not repeat courses that NAU has discontinued or canceled nor can you repeat courses after your undergraduate degree has been awarded.

Graduate Policy

Graduate students do not normally repeat courses.  If you receive a grade of D or F in a graduate course, you may repeat the course.  If you repeat a course, both grades are used to compute your overall grade point average; however, you can only use credits earned for repeated courses once to fulfill graduation requirements.  If you wish to repeat a course, you must submit the Graduate Course Repeat Enrollment Form, available on the Registrar's office website.


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