Grade Point Average

In this section, we explain how we compute your grade point average and describe the grade point requirements you must meet.

A — 4 points for each unit of credit

B — 3 points

C — 2 points

D — 1 point

F — 0 points

Computing Your Average

We assign grade points to letter grades as follows:


We determine your grade point average (GPA) by dividing the total number of grade points you have earned by the number of units of credit you have attempted. In determining your GPA, we don’t include courses for which you have grades of AU, P, IP, I, and W or courses accepted as transfer credit.


Note that grades for courses ending in an "x" are not used to compute your grade point average or to fulfill graduation requirements.


If you repeat a course, we use both grades to compute your grade point average; however, you can only use credits earned for repeated courses once to fulfill graduation requirements.

Graduate Grade Point Average Requirements

If you are working toward a graduate degree, or graduate certificate, you must maintain a 3.0 grade point average for all courses taken and for all courses required in your plan. No more than 6 units of C grades can be counted on a master’s degree. No more than 3 units of C grades can be counted on a graduate certificate.  A grade below C does not earn graduate credit.


A graduate student with a grade point average below 3.0 is placed on probation.  Admission to a program may be denied or revoked for any graduate student who receives unsatisfactory grades. If you have more than 6 units of graduate work with a grade of C or below, you cannot continue in your master’s or doctoral plan, regardless of your grade point average.  A graduate student with a grade point average below 3.00 is placed on probation.


If you are a graduate non-degree student, you can continue as a graduate student as long as you maintain a cumulative graduate grade point average of 2.5 or better.


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