Retrocredits for Modern Languages

Retrocredits are a system designed for new students who have enrolled in high school foreign language courses beyond the first semester course.


Retrocredit is ungraded credit for the coursework prerequisite to the course in which the student is enrolled, contingent upon having received a "B" or better in the course.  For example, if a student took 3 years of high school Spanish, s/he would be eligible to take a 200 level NAU Spanish course and earn up to 12 credits contingent on receiving a B in the NAU course.


Students must apply for retrocredit during pre-registration, summer registration (for incoming students) or during the fist four weeks of the semester in which they enroll  in a foreign language class.  Retrocredit may only be applied for when the student  is enrolling in their first university foreign language course.


Placement is determined by the number of years of foreign language study at the high school level and/or by consultation with an advisor from the Modern Languages department during summer orientation.


When the student completes the university foreign language course with a grade of "B" or better, s/he will receive the ungraded credit for the prerequisites of the course.