Liberal Studies Requirements

Also as part of NAUís general requirements, you take a total of 35 units in foundation, distribution, and elective courses, as described below. (Note: If you are in NAUís Honors Program, the courses in that program substitute for the liberal studies requirements described here; see the Honors section in this catalog for specific information.)


English Composition (4 units)

Mathematics (3 units)

You must take courses in each of the following four distribution blocks:

Science (must include at least one lab science) (7 units)

Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry (6 units)

Cultural Understanding (6 units)

Social and Political Worlds (6 units)

You take one additional elective course from any of the liberal studies requirements.


Please be aware that you canít use courses with the course prefix of your major to meet liberal studies distribution requirements.  However, you may use courses with the course prefix of your minor or second major.