Catalog to Use for Degree Requirements

Because degree requirements may change from one catalog to the next, you must meet the requirements in one specific edition of Northern Arizona Universityís Academic Catalog.


If you have been continuously enrolled at Northern Arizona University at any of its academic campuses, you may meet the degree requirements described in the catalog that was in effect when you were admitted to Northern Arizona University or you may choose any other one catalog in effect through your time of graduation.


Each term that you earn course credit counts toward continuous enrollment; we do not count non-credit courses, audited courses, failed courses, or courses from which you withdraw.


If you have not earned credit for three consecutive terms, you are no longer considered continuously enrolled, so you must follow a later catalog for your degree requirements.


In determining whether you have been continuously enrolled for three consecutive terms, we count fall-spring-fall or spring-fall-spring sequences during which you earned course credit. You can also use the summer or winter terms to maintain continuous enrollment; however, if you donít earn credit during the summer or winter terms, that isnít counted against you. We also count any terms of study at other Arizona public community colleges or universities toward this three-term sequence.


If you have attended another state-supported Arizona college or university and then transferred to Northern Arizona University, you may use the catalog in effect when you first enrolled at that other Arizona institution. In this case, you must meet Northern Arizona University admission, residency, and academic requirements to graduate with an Northern Arizona University degree.


If you have a dual undergraduate major, the major requirements for each of your majors must come from the same catalog.


If you have a dual undergraduate degree, it is possible that the degree requirements for your two degrees can come from two different catalogs, depending on the timing of your admission to Northern Arizona University and the catalogs in effect during your enrollment.