Educational Leadership Faculty

Name & Title





Karyn Laurell Blair, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

(B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Arizona 1997)

Secondary education, educational leadership


Castagno E. Angelina, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(B.A. University of Puget Sound; WA

PhD., University of Wisconsin 2006)

Equity and diversity in education, American Indian education, Ethnographic and qualitative research, Critical race and whiteness studies

NAU 2006

Walter J. Delecki, Ph.D., Clinical Professor

(B.B.A., Western Michigan University; M.A., Ph.D., Arizona State University 1975)


School principalship, superintendency, curriculum leadership, legal aspects of administration, suburban school superintendency, law for the teacher

NAU 2001  


Mary Dereshiwsky, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(B.S., Southern Connecticut State University; M.S., University of New Haven; Ph.D., Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst 1985)

Educational research, statistics, computer research


NAU 1986  


Gary L. Emanuel, D.D., Associate Professor

(B.S., M.A., Northern Arizona University; D.A., University of Northern Colorado 1975)

School law, general administration, history, and politics


NAU 1994  


Gaye Luna, Ed.D., Professor

(B.A., Eastern Washington University; M.A., San Diego State University; Ed.D., University Southern California-Los Angeles 1986)

Adult learners, vocational technological education, community college education and administration


NAU 1989  


Joseph Martin, Ed.D., Associate Professor

(B.S., M.A., Arizona State University; Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado 1982)


Leadership, staff development, school effectiveness, school improvement and reform, American Indian education, leadership in American Indian schools, organizational development

NAU 1995


Ishmael I. Munene, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

(B.S., M.A., Kenyatta University; Ph.D., State University of New York–Albany 2000)

Education and national development in Africa, higher education governance, politics of education, comparative and international education

NAU 2003


Rosemary Papa, Ed.D., Professor

(A.A., Pasadena City College; B.A., California State University-Los Angeles; M.A., California State University-Northridge; Ed.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1983)  

Educational leadership K-12 and higher education, educational policy, educational technology, professional standards, socially just activist leadership, ethical leadership


Frances Riemer, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(B.S., Pennsylvania State University; M.S., Fordham University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania 1994)

Educational sociology, anthropology of education, ethnographic studies, educational access


NAU 1997  


Michael Schwanenberger, Ed.D., Assistant Professor, Department Chair Educational Leadership

(B.S., Northern Arizona University; M.Ed., M.Ed.,  Ed.D., University of Arizona 1990)

Leadership development, principal and superintendent leadership, human resources policies, supervisory relations


Guy Senese, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., Northern Illinois University; M.A., Ph.D., University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign 1985)

Social, cultural, and philosophical foundations of education; critical theory, Native American education; philosophy of educational leadership


NAU 1997


Linda Shadiow, Ph.D., Professor, Director of Faculty Development

(B.S., Bemidji State College; M.Ed., Montana State University; Ph.D., Arizona State University 1982)

Cultural and philosophical foundations


NAU 1985  


Richard Wiggall, Ed.D., Assistant Professor


(B.A., Blackburn College; M.S., Ed.D., Northern Illinois University 1974)

School finance, school leadership

NAU 2003


Gerald K. Wood, Ph.D., Assistant Professor


(B.S. Foreign Service, Georgetown University, M.A. Elementary Education and Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 2006)

Educational Foundations Critical Geography Educational Sociology

NAU 2006


William F. Wright, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S., M.A., Arizona State University; Ed.D., Nova Southeastern University 1982)

Supervision, administration, leadership and management, governing board and supervisory relations and school law

NAU 1995  


Faculty Emeriti

Minnie Andrews, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(Ph.D., University of Arizona 1990)

Development of leaders of the future, females in leadership positions, management

NAU 1995  

(retired 2007)

Sam W. Bliss, Ph.D., Professor

(B.S., Eastern Illinois University; M.A., Ed.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., Iowa State University 1968)

Educational administration, management and computer technology, research


NAU 1970 (retired 1989)  


Robert F. Boothe, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S., Central Missouri State University; M.A., Ed.D., University of Missouri)

Educational administration


NAU 1959 (retired 1986)  

Alan H. Eder, Ed.D., Associate Professor

(B.S., Buffalo State Teachers College; M.A.,Ed.D., University of Nebraska 1971)

Roots of humanism; Greek thought and rhetoric

NAU 1972 (retired 1990)


Robert J. Fallows, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(B.S., Oregon College of Education; M.S., Oregon State University; Ph.D., Arizona State University 1987)

School accreditation, policy compliance, rural and small school issues

NAU 1982  

(retired 2008)

Charles E. Fauset, Ed.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A., Indiana State University; Ed.D., Indiana University)

Educational psychology; personality studies; authority and role responses

NAU 1950-57, 1958 (retired 1982)

Pattie Odgers Gibson, Ed.D., Associate Professor

(B.A., M.A., Arizona State University; Ed.D., Northern Arizona University 1989)

Adult learners, vocational technological education, online education, community college education and administration


Margaret A. Hatcher, Ed.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A., Texas Christian University; Ed.D., Texas Tech University 1974)

Educational leadership, feminist theory and leadership, change process, implications of the new sciences to education, applied brain research

NAU 1986


Robert E. Holloway, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(B.A., Arizona State University; M.A., Central Washington State University; Ph.D., Syracuse University 1977)

Educational technology, policy studies, research designs


NAU 1985 (retired 1996)  


Margaret Ann Hughes, Ed.D., Associate Professor

(B.S., Marquette University; M.A., University of Texas– El Paso; Ed.D., Northern Arizona University 1981)

College-bound students, recruitment, school administration

NAU 1972 (retired 1995)


L. Paul Lansing, Ph.D., Professor

(B.S., M.A., Northern Arizona University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin 1972)

Politics of education, administrative theory


NAU 1971 (retired 1999)


Jerry R. Lewis, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

(B.S., West Chester State University; M.A., Villanova University; Ed.D., Temple University 1989)

Leadership skills, personnel, school boards and policy development, school effectiveness, facilities, and school law


NAU 2002

Richard E. Lloyd, Ed.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A., Northern Arizona University; Ed.D., Wayne State University 1958)

Teacher education; case study methodology

NAU 1952 (retired 1981)

Gary E. Martin, Ed.D., Associate Professor

(B.A., M.A., University of Texas; Ed.D., Texas A&M University 1986)

Educational leadership

NAU 1994  


F. Michael Miles, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., Nebraska State College; M.S., University of Omaha; Ph.D., University of Iowa 1969)

Finance, school leadership


NAU 1969 (retired 2000)  


Richard D. Packard, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S., M.S., Fort Hays State University; Ed.D., University of Missouri 1970)

Quantitative and qualitative research, organizational assessment, evaluation and reform

NAU 1971 (retired 1996)  

Thomas Richard Reno, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A., Arizona State University, Ph.D., Michigan State University 1971)

Leadership skills, school law


NAU 1985, 1997

Eldon Sherwood Roth, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(B.A., University of California–Los Angeles; M.S., Ph.D., University of Southern California 1969)

Science education, school management, leadership

NAU 1975 (retired 1993)

E. Harlin Staires, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Missouri 1958)

School law, personnel administration, finance

NAU 1970 (retired 1990)  

(Edward) James Topp, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S.Ed., M.A., Northern Arizona University; Ed.D., Arizona State University 1972)

School law, school administration, college admission standards

NAU 1974 (retired 1989)  

David Allen Williams, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S.Ed., M.A., Ed.S., Ed.D., Northern Arizona University 1980)

Educational administration and leadership; educational law; management of school boards

NAU 1984