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Department Chair

Jennifer Prior

Educational Specialties


Our unique educational specialties area consists of four fields of education that are special and crucial programs in the public schools:



Each of these areas provides you, the future teacher, with knowledge and skills that add valuable depth to your expertise as a professional educator. Every year, public schools search for potential teachers who are experienced in working with special and culturally diverse populations. Preference is also given to teachers who understand the potential of technology as an instructional tool in the classroom and who can go far beyond basic computer games and word-processing.


The overall purpose of each of our areas is to prepare you to deal effectively with the special and unique needs of all children and youth. Our national characteristics are continually changing, and you must be able to provide all students with appropriate instructional programs. By expanding your professional education preparation beyond the general programs of elementary and secondary education, you will be well prepared to compete for positions virtually anywhere in the United States as well as in international education.



Educational Specialities also offers two undergraduate and three graduate certificates: