M.Ed. Special Education with Certification: Cross-Categorical High Incidence

This plan is appropriate for candidates who are not already certified in special education. A survey or introduction to special education (ESE 548 or an equivalent course) is a pre-requisite for this program of study.


Candidates in this program of studies are required to demonstrate content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and skills, and professional knowledge to be eligible to enter student teaching or internship placements. Content, pedagogical, and professional knowledge or skills are demonstrated through candidate performance on key assessments embedded in the ESE 625, ESE 650, and 655 classes.


For this M.Ed. Special Education with Certification program of studies, students must complete 31-49 units in the following areas, which are organized into three blocks:


Block A—Education Course Work (12-18 units, unless waived)


The courses in this block are required for those candidates entering the program without a degree or certification in elementary or secondary education.


For candidates who have a degree in elementary education, these requirements are waived.


For candidates who have certification in secondary education, the Elementary Curriculum and Instructional block (ECI) is required, but the Educational Foundations and Educational Psychology courses (EDF) can be waived.



Note: EDF 500 and EPS 605 are strongly recommended if you did not complete an undergraduate education degree or certification program.


BME courses are required for the Structured English Immersion (SEI) endorsement. Candidates who have full SEI endorsement at admission must provide proof of the full endorsement. If proof of full SEI endorsement is presented at admission, the candidate is not required to take the BME courses as part of his/her program of study.


Block B—Required Special Education Certification Courses (31 units)



Application to the Teacher Education Program is required. A program of study must accompany the application for admission to the program.


All courses must be selected with the written approval of a special-education faculty advisor. Deviations from these guidelines for individual candidates must be approved in writing by the advisor on this official form. In addition, you must be admitted to this degree program before finishing your first 12 units of graduate work.


Please Note: Candidates must also pass the Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment (professional knowledge and special-education focus area), and meet State requirements on Federal and State Constitutional knowledge for Arizona Teacher Certification.

Optional Additional Preparation

Candidates who want further Special Education Preparation may choose to complete additional concentrations or certificates by adding the courses identified below. This is optional, not required. Candidates seeking certificates must apply for the additional certificates. Concentrations do not require application.



Some courses may have pre-requisites, co-requisites, or milestones, which you must complete (or with which you must comply) before you can be admitted.


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