Special Education Faculty

Name & Title






J’Anne Affeld, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., Arizona State University; M.S., Brigham Young University; Ph.D., Saybrook Institute 1985)

Classroom and behavior management, dynamics of classroom interactions, self-esteem, creativity

NAU 1987  

Karen L. Applequist, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A., Northern Arizona University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill 1995)

Early intervention, interdisciplinary practices

NAU 1991  

Lawrence Dawson Gallagher, Ed.D.

(B.A., University of Arizona; M.Ed., University of Arizona, Ed.D., Johns Hopkins University 1997)

Educating students with low incidence/severe disabilities, mental retardation, assistive technology, positive behavior support, special education administration

NAU 1998

Jennifer Kurth, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

(B.S., University of California-Davis; M.Ed., University of Washington; Ph.D. University of California-Davis 2008)

Severe disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, inclusive education, academic performance in inclusive settings

NAU 2008

Catherine M. Medina, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., University of Texas-El Paso; M.A., Ph.D. New Mexico State University 1995)

Home-school collaboration, bilingual and multicultural special education, severe emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders

NAU 1995

Patricia J. Peterson, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A.T., Rockford College; Ph.D., University of Florida 1978)

Home-school collaboration, bilingual and multicultural special education, innovative teacher training

NAU 1991

Greg Prater, Ph.D., Professor

(B.S., University of Southern Mississippi; M.A., Ed.S., Louisiana Tech University; Ph.D., University of Alabama 1983)

School-university partnerships, classroom behavior management, international special education

NAU 1994

Jennifer O. Prior, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(B.A., University of Northern Colorado; M.E., Seattle Pacific University; Ed.D., University of Arizona ; Ph.D., Arizona State University 2003)

Early childhood education, literary, elementary education

NAU 2003

Karen Sealander, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Florida 1990)

Assessment, data-based instruction and intervention, functional behavioral assessment, attention-deficit disorder, early childhood

NAU 1997  

Susan Unok-Marks, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., M.A., California State University–Fresno; Ph.D., University of Oregon 1995)

Teacher preparation, school and classroom practices, teacher professional development, , autism spectrum disorders, low incidence

NAU 2002

Faculty Emeriti

Dale Homer Harper, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S., M.A., Arizona State University; Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado 1968)

Repercussions of dropping out for special education students


1969-74, 1976 (retired 1992)

Stephen D. Lapan, Ph.D., Professor

(B.A., Parsons College; M.Ed., University of Illinois; Ph.D., University of Connecticut 1972)

Gifted education, student thinking processes, program and personnel evaluation, philosophy of science, educational research, educational change and teacher thinking

NAU 1986

(retired 2010)

James Franklin  Lepich, Ed.D., Associate Professor

(B.A., M.A., Adams State College; Ed.D., University of Northern Colorado 1971)

Job-to-work strategies for special education students

NAU 1971 (retired 1993)

Susan A. Miller, Ph.D., Professor

(B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Missouri 1978)

Assessment of at-risk populations, home-school collaboration, inclusion of individuals with disabilities

NAU 1985 (retired 2000)

Daniel Loren Peterson, Ed.D., Professor

(B.S., Rockhurst College; M.A., Ed.D., University of Missouri 1967)

Mathematical knowledge and comprehension among special education students

NAU 1972