The NAUTeach program prepares secondary science and mathematics teachers for certification to teach in grades 7 through 12. Students pursuing this degree will earn a major in their content area and will be eligible for secondary certification in Arizona. The following degrees are included in this program:



You will have an academic advisor for your major coursework. You must meet with an advisor in the College of Engineering, Forestry and Natural Sciences Academic Services Professional Advising Office for the teacher-preparation portion of your plan.


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Science and Mathematics Teacher Preparation for Secondary Education

NAUTeach Teacher Education Program Admission:

In order to take NAUTeach courses beyond TSM 300, you must apply for and be admitted to the NAUTeach Program. Acceptance into the program is required before enrolling in TSM 350. Click here (Teacher Ed Applications) for the Teacher Education Program Application. Applications are accepted Fall (September 1-15th) and Spring (February 1-15th).


Admissions requirements are as follows:


Admission to Student Apprentice Teaching:

In order to apply for student apprentice teaching, you must meet the following requirements:


Student Apprentice Teaching:

The Student Apprentice Teaching field experience (ECI 495C or TSM 495C) and Seminar (TSM 496C) meets NAU’s senior capstone requirement (13 units). To participate in these courses you must:


Completion of Program:

In order to graduate from the NAUTeach program, you must:


Getting Certified to Teach in Arizona:  

In order to gain certification in Arizona to teach mathematics or science, you must meet the following in addition to completing the B.S.Ed. degree:



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