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Northern Arizona University

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Dr. George Gumerman IV

Undergraduate Information

You may pursue the following undergraduate academic plans through the Honors Program:



Through these programs, we offer academically motivated students an enhanced education that includes a rigorous and diverse curriculum, close intellectual dialogue among students and faculty, and experiential learning opportunities within a supportive community of committed scholars. The challenging nature of the Honors Program enhances your awareness of yourself and your responsibilities as a participant in the intellectual community of the University and as a citizen of the world.


The educational objective of our Honors Program is to prepare you for citizenship and leadership in the twenty-first century. We designed our program to ensure that you are challenged to achieve at your highest potential while preparing for your responsibilities to the broader community.


Upon graduation, you will be able to reflect critically on and integrate knowledge and issues within the broader societal and human context, recognize your individual and collective responsibilities as a citizen and leader in the twenty-first century, and commit to a position, know that it may change, and tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity. In addition, you will demonstrate superior capabilities in essential lifelong skills of:



That is, the Honors curriculum prepares you to excel in a competitive world and to contribute to the improvement of that world; you will become a creative problem solver.


At graduation, your diploma, your academic regalia, and your transcript all reflect your distinctive achievement.

Admission Requirements

You may apply to our Honors Program for any academic term by submitting an application for admission, which you can request by phone, mail, fax, or from our website.


You qualify for admission to the Honors Program if you meet one of the following conditions:



Honors will offer admission to eligible students admitted for study at Northern Arizona University. These offers of admission are made through May 1 prior to the intended enrollment term. Offers of admission are not made for Spring. Prior to enrolling in Honors classes at Northern Arizona University, students must first accept their offer of admission.


Students who are close to the minimum admission requirements for the Honors Program have the option of petitioning the Honors admissions decision. To petition admission, a student must submit an Honors application for admission, one letter of recommendation from someone familiar with his/her academic abilities, a resume or other list of accomplishments/activities, and a brief, 500-word essay on one of the following topics:



You may also be admitted to the program if you are a transfer student with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher in at least 30 units of college course work. We normally accept Honors courses taken at other academic institutions for credit in our program.


We admit current Northern Arizona University students to the Honors Program with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher in at least 12 Northern Arizona University units.

Continuation and Graduation Requirements

The Honors Program requires that you have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better to graduate “with Liberal Studies Honors” from Northern Arizona University. To remain in active status in the Honors Program, you must meet particular grade point average and satisfactory progress requirements, depending on your academic level.



Required GPA

Minimum Honors Units















If at any time you fall below these grade point average requirements, you are considered to be "on Honors probation," and have two terms to bring your average back up to the minimum required for your academic level.


During your first and second terms on Honors probation, you may continue taking honors courses and receive all benefits of being in the Honors Program.  After the second term of probation, if your grade point average does not meet the established requirements, you will be ineligible to continue with the Honors Program. You then need to meet traditional Northern Arizona University liberal studies requirements to earn your degree; you can use Honors courses that you have successfully completed in the regular Liberal Studies plan.


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