Academic Continuation and Renewal Policy


Undergraduate Policy

As long as your cumulative grade point average remains above the minimum shown in the following table, you can continue working toward your degree without restrictions.


If your cumulative grade point average falls below the minimum described in the table, you will be placed on academic probation.


If you are placed on probation, you must earn at least a 2.0 grade point average each term of your probationary status or you will be academically suspended.


Academic Probation

The following table shows the cumulative grade point average at Northern Arizona University that warrants putting you on probation. As you will see, the GPA placing you on probation increases as the units you complete increase. This policy applies to all students.


Credit Units Earned

GPA Warranting Probation


less than 1.8


less than 1.9

30 or more

less than 2.0


It is possible for you to remain on probation for several terms and still avoid suspension—as long as you obtain at least a 2.0 grade point average each term while your cumulative grade point average improves to better than the minimum shown in the table. At that point, you will be removed from academic probation.


While you are on probation, you are limited to a maximum course load of 13 units.


Be aware that we cannot award you a degree if your cumulative grade point average is below 2.0. To improve your grade point average, you may repeat a course or courses in which you earned a grade of "D" or "F." (Click here for more information on the Course Repeat Policy)


Academic Suspension

Academic Suspension indicates that your cumulative GPA and a subsequent term GPA have both dropped below the 2.0 requirement, and you are subject to the following three restrictions:


  1. Cancellation of enrollment in the next term. You can request a full refund of unused tuition and fees already paid by contacting the Student and Departmental Account Services (formerly, the Bursar’s Office) at 928-523-3122.

  2. Cancellation of university housing in the next term. If you are a campus resident, you must contact the Office of Residence Life at 928-523-3978 to officially check out of your hall and receive any refund due.

  3. Unable to enroll in any Northern Arizona University courses.


If you are suspended, a letter will be sent to the last permanent address listed in the LOUIE student information system ( The mailing of this letter discharges all university responsibility for notifying you of your suspension.


Academic suspension may occur at the end of the Fall, Spring, or Summer term. You must then remain out of the university for at least one full term (Fall, Spring, or Summer) after the suspension.


If you wish to continue your education at Northern Arizona University after your suspension, you must appeal for reinstatement in writing at least six weeks before the start of the term in which you wish to return.  Appeal forms and appeal deadlines are available online at the Gateway Student Success Center website.  Click on “S” for Suspension to access this information.


Be aware that because of this appeal deadline, you may be away from Northern Arizona University for longer than just one term. You may not enroll at Northern Arizona University until your appeal for reinstatement has been approved by the Undergraduate Academic Continuation Committee.


Reinstatement is never automatic. You have the strongest possibility of reinstatement if you can present documented proof of the following:



If you are reinstated to Northern Arizona University, you will be on academic probation and subject to the requirements described in Academic Probation.


Academic Renewal

Academic renewal is a policy designed for undergraduates to re-enroll at Northern Arizona University with a recalculated cumulative grade point average, if you have been absent from the University for at least thirty-six consecutive months. NAU provides this policy to give you the opportunity to make a fresh start with your academic endeavors.


Academic renewal is available by meeting the conditions of and completing the Petition for Academic Renewal form, which is located in the forms area of the Registrar’s website.   


You may request academic renewal only once—and only for your first undergraduate degree at Northern Arizona University. Once an Academic Renewal is processed, it is a permanent change to your record and may not be reversed.


You may request academic renewal from the Registrar's Office once you have been readmitted to Northern Arizona University. Your Petition for Academic Renewal will be processed once you have enrolled in and received a grade in at least one NAU course.


Through the academic renewal policy, you may request that up to four terms (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer) be excluded from your cumulative grade point average calculation. Grades and credits for ALL courses that you took during those terms are excluded. (Please note that if the term has sessions within it, the grades for all courses taken during the term are excluded.) If any of the disregarded courses are required for graduation, you will have to retake those courses.


If academic renewal is granted, your permanent record is suitably annotated to indicate that no work taken during the disregarded terms is applicable toward graduation. However, all work remains on your permanent record to reflect your accurate academic history. A petition fee may be charged to your student account once your Petition for Academic Renewal has been processed.


We use your renewal cumulative GPA to determine your academic status at Northern Arizona University and your eligibility for graduation. Please be aware that other institutions may not recognize your NAU Academic Renewal, should you later decide to transfer your NAU credits to another College or University.


You must fulfill all graduation residency requirements after your academic renewal has been granted. See the section titled Baccalaureate Degree Requirements toward the end of this chapter for more information.



Graduate Policy

If you are working toward a graduate degree or certificate, you must maintain a 3.0 grade point average for all courses taken and for all courses required in your plan.  



A graduate student with a grade point average below 3.0 is placed on probation. Admission to a program may be revoked for any graduate student who receives unsatisfactory grades. If you have more than 6 units of graduate work with a grade of "C" or below, you cannot continue in your master's or doctoral plan, regardless of your grade point average.


If you are a non-degree graduate student, you may continue as a graduate student as long as you maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.


See also: Continuous Enrollment–Graduate Students