Adding a Course

If the course you wish to add has available seats, you may add it before the first class meeting (or the first day in a web class).


After the first class meeting day, it is the academic unit’s prerogative to determine if you can add the course, even if there are seats available. If the academic unit has determined students must obtain permission to add the course (and obtain the department’s stamp on the form) after the first day of class, please check the "Class Notes" section in LOUIE for information on where to go to petition to add the course.


From the ninth business day of the term forward, you must petition to add courses. You can obtain the petition form from the Registrar’s Office or from our website at NAU Registrar. You may add mini-courses, Summer session, or Winter session courses on a schedule with the same time line used in the proportion ratio for Fall and Spring terms.


In some courses the sequential nature of the course material and/or course design may prevent students from being able to add the course, once the course has begun.


If the course you wish to add has reached enrollment capacity, you must complete an "Override Authorization" form, secure the instructor’s written approval, and the department’s consent, before adding the course.


You may petition the Registrar’s Office in writing for an exception to the "Add" policy. Your petition requires a justification, a review by your academic advisor, and written approvals from the  course instructor and the dean (or designee). In applying for an exception, you must provide specific and verifiable reason(s) that your petition should be granted and enclose the applicable fees. Please be aware that petitions for exceptions are not automatically approved.


At time of publication, for Mountain Campus 16-week classes, the $25 fee is replaced with a $100 "Late Census" fee, effective the 22nd day of a Spring and Fall term. The late census fee is a one-time charge each term that covers late adds after the 21-day census date.


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