Dropping a Course


Dates Make a Difference When You Drop


You may drop a course through the eighth business day of the term.



Be aware that if you are receiving financial aid or have a graduate assistantship, dropping a course may jeopardize your eligibility for continued funding. See the section titled Continuing Eligibility for Financial Aid in the Financial Information portion of this catalog.


To request an exception to the drop policy you may file the Petition to Drop a Class After the Deadline form located on the Registrar's Office website. The petition form requires signature approvals, along with documentation of the extenuating circumstance. In applying for an exception, you must attach the required form of documentation as stated on the form. Petitions for exceptions are not automatically approved.


If you have not participated in a course but also have not officially dropped that course and your name appears on the final grade report, you will receive a failing grade ("F") for that course. Your instructor cannot record a "W" on the final grade report. (If you wish to withdraw from all courses in a term, see Withdrawing from All Courses in a Term.)


Click here for Adding a Course or Administrative Drop.