In Progress/Incomplete

In-Progress Grade

Normally, a grade of "IP" is used only for graduate courses.  Undergraduate research that isn’t finished at the end of a term more typically earns a grade of incomplete ("I"). (See the following section for more information about incompletes.)


We use the "IP" grade for courses that, by their content and requirements, normally require more time than the term or session for which you have enrolled. We recognize the following courses as appropriate for the "IP" grade: final project (689), thesis (699), dissertation (799), field work experience, and internship.


You must also be making satisfactory progress in the course to receive a grade of "IP."  Graduate students may complete "IP" grades until the time limit on your academic plan expires.


Undergraduates must complete the work for an "IP" grade within two calendar years from the end of the term in which you take the course. If you don’t complete the work by that time, the "IP" grade becomes permanent and may not be changed.


If you are unable to complete course work in a scheduled course within the term in which you are enrolled, you may petition your instructor to receive a grade of "I."


If your instructor agrees to give you an incomplete, you and the instructor must complete a written agreement, a copy of which is held in your departmental file, indicating the exact work you need to do to finish the course.


This written agreement must also indicate the date by which you must complete the work, and that date cannot be longer than one calendar year from the end of the term in which you were enrolled in the course.  For undergraduates, after one calendar year, any grade of "I" will automatically be converted to a grade of "F."  For graduate students, any grade of "I" becomes a permanent incomplete after one calendar year.


When you complete the course work, your instructor submits a final grade to the Registrar’s Office, and that grade and your credit are then entered on your permanent record.


After the time for making up the incomplete has elapsed, you must re-enroll in the course to receive credit. We do not use incomplete grades in calculating your grade point average.


When you become eligible for graduation, if you have a grade of "I" in any courses that aren’t required for graduation, you may elect to graduate with these "I" grades as a part of your permanent academic record. In such cases, the "I" grades cannot be changed after graduation by completing the course requirements nor will the "I’s" revert to "F" grades.


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