Pass-Fail / "A"—Pass-Fail

Pass-Fail Policy

Some undergraduate courses offered by Northern Arizona University have mandatory pass-fail grading.



Credits earned (Passed) in a course taken on a Pass-Fail basis are not used in calculating your grade point average; however, such credits do count toward meeting the units required for graduation. A grade of "F" (Failed) will be used in calculating your GPA. These units are included in the attempted credit units for GPA calculation. See Grading Policies.


Generally, credits earned on a Pass-Fail basis do not count toward major, minor, or liberal studies requirements.


Graduate Students


Pass-Fail grading is not available for any graduate course that is normally graded with a letter grade, including a co-convened course.


However, with permission from your advisor and the Graduate College, you may elect Pass-Fail grading for an undergraduate course that you don’t take for credit, such as a course taken to satisfy a deficiency in your preparation for a graduate plan.


In addition, if you are a non-degree graduate student taking an undergraduate course for personal enrichment, you may elect to take the course Pass-Fail with the permission of the course instructor and the Graduate College.

"A"–Pass-Fail Policy (for Undergraduate Only)

The "A"–Pass-Fail option may make it easier for you to take undergraduate courses outside your major field, register for National Student Exchange, or complete a study abroad, because it does not affect your overall grade point average, except when you earn a grade of "A" or "F." In other words, if you enroll in a letter grade course for the "A"–Pass-Fail option, you receive an "A" when you earn that grade; grades "B," "C," and "D" appear on your transcript as a "P"; and you receive an "F" when you earn that grade.


You may use this option if you have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 or have a 3.0 for 12 or more units from the preceding term. To use this option, you must make a request through the Registrar’s Office and get your advisor’s approval.


You can use up to 24 units of "A"–Pass-Fail course work for your baccalaureate degree, including no more than two courses in a single field.


You may not use the "A"–Pass-Fail option for professional courses in teacher education, courses in your major or minor field, liberal studies courses, repeated courses, or honors courses. Furthermore, required courses that utilize the pass-fail grading option are not counted towards this 24-unit option.


You may change from the "A"–Pass-Fail option to regular grading or vice versa during the first five weeks of a regular term, the first two weeks of a five-week session, and a proportionate time period for a course of other duration. If you enroll in a course under the "A"–Pass-Fail option and receive a grade of "P," you may not request a change to a letter grade.


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