Withdrawing from NAU Entirely

When you officially withdraw entirely from Northern Arizona University, you become ineligible to enroll for the next term—unless you reapply and are readmitted.


There are academic and financial ramifications to withdrawing from the university. These ramifications vary based on the date on which you officially withdraw.


If you fail to officially withdraw, you may receive a grade of "F" in all of your courses and forfeit any or all deposits. Not attending courses for which you are enrolled does not constitute an official withdrawal.


Please be aware that if you are currently receiving financial aid or have received aid previously, you may be responsible for paying back money. (If you are unsure about your financial aid status, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for information.)


You must be prepared to check out of campus housing within twenty-four hours after you withdraw. Refunds for housing and tuition, if applicable, will be prorated and mailed to your permanent address.


You are responsible for contacting the Campus Dining Office, the JacksCard Office, and the Northern Arizona University Bookstore for appropriate refunds.


If you have questions about Northern Arizona University’s withdrawal process, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 928-523-5490 or 928-523-5491.