You may be able to use the credit-by-exam option to gain credit for college courses in which you have already acquired proficiency.


You can only use credit-by-exam for courses that your college or department has approved for this option. (Some colleges and departments do not permit credit-by-exam, and those that do may limit the availability of courses to be challenged by exam.)


Where exams for credit are allowed, they are governed by the general requirements that follow and by the policies of your college or department.

General Requirements

The following requirements apply to all exams for credit.



Courses in Progress: If you are currently enrolled in a language course other than English and want credit for a more introductory course(s), you must take the exam for that course before the midterm of the course in which you are currently enrolled.



The credit-by-exam program includes four categories of exams, which are discussed in the sections that follow:



More information is available at Credit by Examination.