Integrated Bachelor's / Master's Program Policy

Northern Arizona University's integrated bachelor and master's degree program provides the opportunity for outstanding undergraduates working on completing their bachelor's degree to simultaneously begin work on a master's degree.


Typically, a bachelor's degree requires four years to complete, and a master's degree requires an additional two years. However, the integrated degree program allows students the opportunity to complete a graduate program in an accelerated manner. Up to 6 units, at the 400-level or higher, can apply to both degrees.


Northern Arizona University offers integrated bachelor and master's degree programs in the following areas:


Hosting Department

Undergraduate Degree Title


Graduate Degree Title

Civil and Environmental Engineering

B.S.E. Civil Engineering, Ext. Major

M.Eng. Civil Engineering

M.S.E. Civil Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

B.S.E. Environmental Engineering, Ext. Major

M.Eng. Environmental Engineering

M.S.E. Environmental Engineering

Criminology and Criminal Justice

B.S. Criminology and Criminal Justice

M.S. Applied Criminology

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science


M.Eng. Computer Science

M.S.E. Computer Science

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

B.S.E. Electrical Engineering

M.Eng. Electrical Engineering

M.S.E. Electrical Engineering


B.S.F. Forestry

Master of Forestry

Geography, Planning, & Recreation

B.S. Geography

B.S. Geographic Information Science

B.S. Parks & Recreation Management

B.S. Public Planning

M.S. Applied Geospatial Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering

M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

M.S.E. Mechanical Engineering


B.A. Psychology

M.A. Psychology


For additional information, contact the Graduate College or go to the Integrated Program Policy page.