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Washoe Pine

Washoe PinePinus washoensis

Found in areas of eastern Nevada and California, Washoe pine may be the rarest pine in our North American flora, next only to the Torrey pines of the California coast. Identified in the 1950s as a separate species, it closely resembles ponderosa pine with some superficial characteristics of Jeffery pine. The two main theories of the origins of Washoe pine as a species are: hybridization between Jeffery and ponderosa pine; or a cross between two varieties of ponderosa pine.

Washoe pine is typically a medium-size tree, reaching heights of 40 to 60 feet and diameters of 2 to 3 feet. The largest measured Washoe pine is in California and is 145 feet tall, with a girth of 19 feet, 6 inches.

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