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Red Spruce

Red SprucePicea rubens

Red Spruce is Nova Scotia's provincial tree, it is also found throughout the Appalachian Mountains. Mature height is about 90 feet and attains ages of up to 350 years. The largest specimen measured in the U.S. is in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and measures 123 feet tall, with a circumference of 14 feet, 1 inch. It prefers cool, moist sites, and is very shade-tolerant.

Red Spruce is a valuable pulp and timber species. It is also highly prized for making musical instrument tops for guitars and mandolins. Another interesting use is for making spruce gum. Sap is collected and boiled until completely dissolved and poured on to a greased jelly roll sheet. When cooled, it is chewed like gum.

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