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Riles Rose

Riles RoseRose spp.

Little is known of the history or variety of this rose but the original rose, which grows at the northeast corner of the Riles Building on campus, is thought to have been planted by Mr. Lemuel Littleman sometime in the 1950s. This particular rose is a cutting of the original plant taken in 2001 and planted at this site. The original rose, on the south side of the Riles Building, was removed for campus construction.

This is a very hardy, bramble-type rose whose canes can easily reach 10 to 15 feet in length. It likes full sun and lots of room. It could be trellised or grown on a fence. It is a prolific bloomer and, by the second year, you should enjoy a flush of very aromatic, delicate white roses, about one inch in diameter. During the fall, it is profusely covered by beautiful, dark-red rose hips. Water it regularly during its first year to help it get established. After that, treat it as you would other roses and shrubs in your landscaping.



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