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About WWW7

WWW7 is currently running on a virtualized Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit server. It is maintained by Northern Arizona University's Information Technology Services department.

WWW7's mission is to provide webspace for NAU's departmental users. We currently offer the following services:

To obtain webspace on WWW7 you must be a current staff or faculty member at NAU and should already have an NAU-domain account. If you meet these requirements you can request a subweb by contacting the ITS Solution Center.

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Aspens at Coulter Mountain, near Flagstaff

Did you know?

Aspen trees, native to the Flagstaff area, are generally the first trees to grow in a burned out area. Unlike conifers, Aspen trees grow from root stock, or "suckers", rather than seeds. This gives them an advantage over the other forest plants. An excellent example of Aspen trees reforesting a burned out area is the eastern slopes of Mt. Elden near the Flagstaff Mall.