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TCREC: Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center

Tribal Solar Working Group

Arizona is the home of 22 tribal nations with land that covers more than a quarter of the state. Solar energy resources on these lands are significant and could, if developed, provide tribes with locally - produced energy, economic development and jobs. The Tribal Solar Working Group is a new forum for tribal and solar energy professionals to network and learn how to move solar energy projects forward on tribal land.

We convened five meetings of the Tribal Solar Working Group from November 2014 through June 2015. Over these five meetings, 17 of the state’s tribes participated to share their experiences and learn from each other and from industry professionals about solar development from kilowatt to megawatt scales. We learned about planning, financing, energy marketing, transmission, environmental assessment, site procurement, and how to put a deal together.

We shared a lot of lessons learned and toured a variety of grid tied and off grid systems at every scale—from the largest solar generating project in Arizona to medium-scale utility-owned plants, to smaller projects with a variety of financing and ownership structures including rooftop solar, solar parking and shade structures, solar powered water pumping and distillation projects, and a microgrid that powers STAR School.

The first series of meetings is over; participants value the forum for networking and learning and we are currently in conversation about what comes next. Please check back for updates.

Click HERE for our Previous Meetings.

For more information please contact:
Ann Marie Chischilly