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Christy Nations

Administrative Assistant - Logistics Coordinator

Christy Nations

Christy JD Nations is Fort McDowell Yavapai Apache/Navajo. Her original home is in a canyon located east from Chinle, Arizona. She is an Alumna of the Northern Arizona University graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Indigenous Studies/Fine Arts. She continues her education at NAU while working as the Administrative Assistant/Logistical Coordinator for the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP).

She has a God-gifted-talent in art and specializes in the art-medium of pastel and acrylic painting. Her goal is to become a well-known mastery in the field of Native American art. Ms. Nations enjoys camping, hiking and exploring the wilderness of her home the canyon. She has great respect for nature in its environment and wishes to preserve it for future generations.

In October 2011 she completed a five day river trip in the Grand Canyon upon losing her one and only river oar-woman who was thrown from the boat into the icy cold river on the second day of the trip. Christy had to quickly prove her great might by pulling the navigator back into the boat. She would like ride the river again.

She has worked with many ITEP players throughout the years as they came and left the program. Christy has met tribal members throughout the United States and participants from the villages in Alaska. Ms. Nations finds it a pleasure working with ITEP and welcomes more wonderful memories.

Christy can be reached by e-mail at

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