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Jennifer Williams

Program Coordinator, Sr.

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams has been with the Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) since October 2001, assisting with modification of existing courses, development of new courses, and facilitating and instructing ITEP courses. Courses have included a wide variety of content related to air quality, solid waste, and environmental education and outreach. Jen returned to Anchorage, Alaska from May 2004 through May 2009, to further develop the solid waste training program in Alaska. She has been coordinating ITEP's Solid Waste Training Program in Alaska from since May 2004. Jen has delivered solid waste courses and participated in numerous statewide environmental conferences, providing training to solid waste professionals, youth, and elders in Alaska Native villages.

Jen's experience in Alaska prior to taking a position at ITEP included seven years as an environmental consultant in Alaska and three years as a biologist with the National Park Service with an emphasis on community outreach and education to enhance stewardship. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in May 1995 through the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Jen now resides in Flagstaff, Arizona with her husband and two sons, enjoying her bike commute to work, hiking, running, and most activities that get her outside.

Jennifer can be reached by e-mail at Jennifer.Williams@nau.edu.

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