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Karin Wadsack

Project Director

Karin Wadsack

Karin Wadsack is the project director for NAU's Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center. She works with TCERC staff to develop collaborative partnerships with NAU's community of renewable energy technical experts to advance tribal initiatives. Karin also directs NAU's Arizona Wind for Schools project and manages a number of research projects for the Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions (ISES). Her interests include utility-scale renewable energy grid integration, energy education, and state and federal energy policy. Outside the University, Karin serves as a senior scientist and project manager at EN3 Professionals, an engineering firm in Flagstaff. She also chairs the energy project team for the regional Sustainable Economic Development Initiative and is a Water Commissioner for the City of Flagstaff. In her free time she enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and camping with her dogs.

Karin can be reached by e-mail at

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