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EPA’s Draft Guidance: Revised Policy on Exclusions from “Ambient Air”

EPA is accepting comments on the draft guidance titled, Revised Policy on Exclusions from “Ambient Air” . EPA has recently announced that it plans to revise its longstanding interpretation of “ambient air,” defined in 40 C.F.R. § 50.1(e) as “the atmosphere, external to buildings, to which the general public has access.” This regulatory definition, and EPA’s interpretation of the term, is of key importance in implementing the Clean Air Act (CAA) because the statute, while using the term “ambient air” as part of the foundations of U.S. air regulation, provides no definition for the term. In this draft guidance, EPA is revising its 1980 policy on the exclusion of certain areas from the scope of “ambient air”. EPA will accept public comment on the draft guidance, Revised Policy on Exclusions from “Ambient Air”, through January 11, 2010. Click here for the draft guidance and a link for submitting comments.

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