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Youth Education Resources

It’s Our Air – Grades 9-12
It's Our Air is a complete air quality science curriculum for high school Earth Environmental Science Classes with 27 activities and 23 videos covering everything from meteorology to air pollutants to pollution solutions to using models to predict air quality.

AQI Toolkit for Teachers – Grades K-8
Compiled by the U.S. EPA, this Toolkit provides teachers with easy-to-use and engaging lesson plans, activities, and other resources to teach students about the connections between air quality, health, weather, and other related science topics, as well as actions students can take to protect their health and reduce air pollution.

Air Pollution: What’s the Solution – Grades 6-9
Air Pollution: What’s the Solution is an on-line curriculum that uses real time data to guide student’s discovery of the science behind the causes and effects of air pollution.

Smog City 2 – Grade 6-Adult
Smog City 2 is an online interactive simulator that demonstrates how emission sources, population and weather affect air quality.

AIRNow Student’s Web site – Grades K-12
The AirNow Student’s website provides students and teachers information about ozone, particle pollution, and the Air Quality Index using colorful characters, animations and music; serves as a portal for Smog City 2.

Air Quality Workshop for Teachers: Toolkit for Facilitators
This Toolkit is designed for anyone who would like to conduct an air quality workshop for teachers. The materials are taken directly from the workshop provided each year by the US EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards in RTP, North Carolina. The goal of the workshop is for K-12 teachers to gain a better understanding of air quality and air pollution issues, experience hands-on activities, and gain insight into topics such as global warming and climate change, calculating a carbon footprint, and the health effects of air pollution. The knowledge gained will support the teacher’s classroom instruction and in turn motivate and increase student’s interest in air quality.

Effects of Common Air Pollutants - Poster – 18"x 24" poster depicts/illustrates respiratory and cardiovascular effects of air pollution and symptoms; available free in English and Spanish. Order from NSCEP Document # EPA-452/F-04-002;

Why is Coco Orange? Children’s book for Ages 4-8
Coco has a problem. He’s a chameleon, but he can’t change colors, and his asthma is acting up. Read how Coco and his friends at Lizard Lick Elementary solve this mystery as they learn about air quality and how to stay healthy when the air quality is bad. This book is for all children, especially those with asthma, and their caretakers. Order a free copy at:
NSCEP: www.epa.gov/nscep