NTAA: Tribal Air

EPA Regional Resources - Region 10

The U.S. EPA’s Region 10 office has produced indoor-air related resources for Tribes that can be found here and include: To answer questions you may have about these resources, please contact Erin McTigue at the U.S. EPA Region 10 office at mctigue.erin@epa.gov

EPA Region 10 Federal Air Rules for Reservations (FARR) website: http://yosemite.epa.gov/R10/tribal.nsf/programs/farr

National Center for Healthy Homes – Healthcare Financing resources/info: http://www.nchh.org/Resources/HealthcareFinancing.aspx (good info for those interested in Medicaid reimbursement for in-home asthma care)

Tribal Healthy Homes Network: www.thhnw.org

Tribal Healthy Homes Network ‘Where to Start’ Healthy Homes Guide: http://thhnw.org/where-to-start-get-to-know-healthy-home-resources/

THHN resource pages on mold and wood smoke – could be linked in a couple of places on the NTAA site. Lots of good, useful stuff here that THHN has piloted at Tulalip Tribes and a number of communities.

Funding resources for IAQ/housing work in tribal communities: http://thhnw.org/funding/ (THHN has archived a number of presentations here from different federal agencies)