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Fall 2016

Mailing Address
PO Box 6236
Yuma, AZ 85366-6236

Physical Address
2020 S. Ave. 8E
Yuma, AZ 85365

(928) 317-6400


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Full-time Faculty
Name Title Email Location Phone
Charlie Balch Clinical Associate Professor Yuma (928) 317-6455
Colleen Byron Clinical Assistant Professor Phoenix (928) 523-4348
Rosalicia Cordova Clinical Assistant Professor Yuma (928) 317-6416
James Latham Clinical Assistant Professor Phoenix (602) 493-2749
Paige Miller Leister Asst Chair
Clinical Associate Professor Phoenix (602) 790-5040
Jason Myrowitz Clinical Assistant Professor Phoenix (602) 796-4679
Rakesh Pangasa Clinical Assistant Professor Yuma (928) 317-7112
Dave Parmenter Clinical Associate Professor Tucson (520) 903-8812
Dean Pielstick Clinical Professor Tucson (520) 403-0830
Gerry Schmaedick Emeritus Senior Lecturer Online
Jeremy Spencer Lecturer Yuma (928) 317-6406
Alex Steenstra Chair, Professor Yuma (928) 317-6083
Craig Vanlengen Clinical Professor Online
Jerry Wellman Clinical Assistant Professor Phoenix (602) 820-0824

Part-time Faculty
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