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Nashelly Meneses

Instructional Specialist, Sr.

Nashelly Meneses

Nashelly joined ITEP’s Air Quality Program in September 2019 as the Instructional Specialist, Sr. In collaboration with ITEP staff and external partners, Nashelly will lead the development and management of ITEP’s air quality training curriculum. Nashelly’s specialization is in Ecology,

Conservation, Evolutionary Biology, and Ecological Forecasting. She uses molecular techniques and niche modeling to learn about species of Ecological and cultural concerns and applied the knowledge towards natural resource management and resiliency planning in marginalized communities. Since 2007, Nashelly has taught lectures and field courses focused on ecology, analytical methods, sampling techniques and scientific writing. Nashelly uses a hands-on, learner-centered approach in her teaching methods.

Nashelly has a Ph.D. and Bachelor of Science in Biology and is passionate about nature, learning, and promoting equitable educational access to traditionally under-represented groups and underserved communities.

Nashelly can be reached by e-mail at

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