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Ryan Tsingine

Research Associate

Ryan Tsingine

Ryan Tsingine, a Navajo/Hopi of Window Rock, Arizona, is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and climate action. With a strong academic background and extensive experience in the field, Ryan dedicates his work to addressing pressing environmental challenges while keeping the well-being of communities at the forefront.

In 2018, Ryan achieved a significant milestone by graduating from Northern Arizona University with two bachelor's degrees. His educational journey encompassed diverse fields, including Environmental Science with an Emphasis in Administration and Policy, and Political Science. Equipped with this interdisciplinary knowledge, Ryan possesses a holistic understanding of environmental issues and their intersection with policy and governance.

Continuing his pursuit of knowledge and expertise, Ryan pursued a Master's degree in Climate Science Solutions, which he successfully completed in 2021. This advanced degree further equipped him with the necessary tools and insights to develop practical and effective solutions to combat climate change.

Ryan's commitment to real-world applications of his knowledge led him to engage in internships and research positions. Starting in 2020, he interned with the National Tribal Air Association (NTAA), an experience that allowed him to actively contribute to improving air quality in tribal communities. His dedication and hard work during the internship opened doors for him, and upon graduating with his Master's degree, he joined NTAA as a research associate.

As a research associate, Ryan's contributions are focused on creating sustainable solutions and policies. He actively collaborates with experts in the field to conduct research projects and develop innovative approaches to environmental challenges. Currently, Ryan is deeply involved in the creation of the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals' (ITEP) new initiative in Tribal Clean Transportation Program. Through this program, he plays an instrumental role in addressing the environmental impact of transportation on tribal lands, while also considering the unique needs and values of tribal communities.

Ryan's work is driven by a commitment to environmental justice and ensuring the well-being of communities. By approaching his research and projects with a community-centric perspective, he aims to create solutions that are inclusive, equitable, and mindful of the diverse needs of the people he serves.

In Ryan’s free time he likes live music, outdoor running, golfing, and spending time with his family.

Ryan can be reached by email at

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